Monday, November 8, 2021

Welcome To The Dark(paw) Side, Denmom!

I'm on a little bit of an EverQuest II break right now so much thanks to Gen. Alexander for leaving a comment drawing my attention to this extremely welcome announcement on the EQII forums. I might very well have missed it otherwise.

To save anyone clicking on the link and to add some substance to what's going to be a very brief news squib of a post, here's the full text of Kander's statement, which opens the thread:

Niami DenMother, for those who don't know her, has long been the unofficial record-keeper and archivist of all things tradeskill in EQII. She's also the lynch pin of the small, dedicated group of volunteers that tests all EQII's crafting content to destruction on the Test and Beta servers. 

Without her tireless efforts many of us wouldn't know our forge from our fishing pole and it's for certain sure there would be thousands more bugs in the recipes than the handful that occasionally slip through. She, along with two or three others, has all but kept the trade ship afloat since the departure of the much-missed Domino and short of Domino coming back there could not possibly be a more welcome piece of tradeskilling news than to hear Denmom will be wielding her wooden spoon from inside the tent from now on.

That the powers that be at Darkpaw have had the good sense to make this appointment speaks volumes to the current state of the company. It can only be a good harbinger for the future of the games.

It's also wonderful news in as much as Niami was very ill indeed a year or two back. That she's willing and able to take on this new responsibility suggests she's made a good recovery for which all EQII players should be very grateful indeed. With her husband Ngreth back at EverQuest as he has been for five years now, this puts crafting in the strong place it should be. 

I'll leave it there, not least because I've already spent several hours writing a post today. No doubt there will be more to say once Denmom gets her furry feet under the crafting table. Until then , welcome to EQII, Niami Denmother. I think you know where everything is!

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  1. My second tweet about this was "Somebody tell Bhagpuss."

    Then I thought to come here. Deleted it.


    -- 7rlsy


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