Sunday, November 28, 2021

Everybody Has To Sleep Sometime

As Tremayne was kind enough to explain in the comments to Friday's post, you can already sit in chairs and sleep in beds in New World. Look, there I am up above, doing it. The animation is really neat. too (Says Gidget.). My character swings up, rolls over and drapes her arm across her eyes. And her head aligns exactly with the pillow. Worth making a bed for. 

Keen readers with sharp memories may remember me mentioning long ago that I'd taken the non-binary option at character creation and chosen the pronoun "they". And so I did. So why am I now calling my character "she" and "her"? Because the choice I made didn't seem to carry over into the game in any meaningful sense and I absent-mindedly forgot about it and now I'm kinda used to thinking of her as she. Not very good of me or Amazon, really. Must try harder.

Since I'm really pushed for time today, in celebration of being able to lie down, here's a small selection of songs about beds and sleeping, all pulled from my own collection, plus a few pretty scenes from the game for those that don't share my tastes in music, probably a wide demographic, I'm betting

Anyway, here we go..

That was Trementina with the extremely apposite Fall Into Your Bed. I think they're from Chile. Definitely South America.

Next up, Boyskout with Back To Bed. Back? I haven't even gotten up yet! They're from California, if it matters. Now I suppose I'm going to have to say where everyone's from.

Lucy Rose knows the best place to be be. Middle of the Bed. This is from 2011, when there used to be a lot of this kind of thing going on. Probably still is. I hope so. She's from England, by the way. I wish I'd never mentioned where Trementina were from now. I'm going to stop. You can guess the rest. Or look them up like I had to, the ones I didn't already know.

Wow, that's a bright part of the forest! Okay, time for one of my favorite bands of the last decade, back when they were known as Peggy Sue and the Pirates rather than just Peggy Sue and when there were just two of them rather than three. I cannot explain why none of their albums, all of which I bought on release, made it into my Pitchfork 25 list. Some things are just ineffable, like this performance.

They told you what that one was right at the start but in case you weren't listening it was "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" aka "In The Pines" by Leadbelly.

That was a cover and so is this. Rod Stewart had a penchant for peculiar story songs. I always liked the way the lyrics of some of them seemed to undermine his image. He never seemed to care. Young Turks was one of those. Here it is in a mildly jazzy version by the charmingly-named Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps.


And to close, who better than Suzanne Vega, telling us she's Tired of Sleeping.  

Thanks, Suzanne. I can take a hint.

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