Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Greetings

We never do Easter cards on the blogs, do we? Well, now we do.

Everything in the picture I got from the EverQuest II Beast'r vendor, along with a whole lot more. All of it together cost me less than I'd get from the cash money dropped by any random mid-level mob. A few gold in a game with an economy based on platinum. Say what you like about Daybreak's real money pricing strategy but they have always been astonishingly generous with in-game costs.

Naturally, because I had absolutely no plan to do this at all, I ended up with everything on my Bruiser, who only has a basic two-room Qeynos inn room. Two-room inn room? There must be a better way of saying that. Suite? Two room Qeynos inn suite? Two room suite in a Qeynos inn? Qeynos inn two-room? Two rooms in a Qeynos inn?

Sod it, you know what I mean. Whatever you call it, it's not ideal for a big Easter display. Don't get me wrong - it's a delightful home, very cosy, and he's done quite a bit of work getting it just how he likes it, but for great baskets of chocolate eggs and rabbits (Chocolate rabbits, that is.) you need more of a picnic setting.

As it so happens, my Inquisitor lives in the Baubleshire luxury home. She is not a halfling, let me make that quite clear from the outset. She's a gnome. As anyone who played EQII back at the begining will remember, a dozen races could start in either of the two Alignment cities, but Freeport and Qeynos both only had six "Neighborhoods". Everyone had to share and gnomes got to share with halflings.

Fortunately, there are no such enforced billetting arangements when it comes to private homes. My version of Baubleshire may look like a halfling hangout but it's strictly gnomesville. Still, that's an Easter feast that would dampen the hairy palms of any wannabe hobbit. (Yes, I know the hair's meant to be on the back of their hands. Really, though, who wants to get that close to check?)

I can't pass out Easter Eggs through the screen but I can offer you something even better then chocolate - Peanuts!

Of course, Easter's about more than just chocolate, bunnies and beagles. Take it away, Tori.

 And that's it for another year. Happy Easter Everyone!

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