Saturday, April 23, 2022

Seven Yellow Elefants (Okay, Five If We're Being Picky)

Due to some bright spark having [REDACTED] after work, a situation made worse by my having [REDACTED] and furthermore and unrelatedly due to me being wholly incapable of finding any of the screenshots I took in New World via Geforce Now the other day, tonight's post, which was to have been an unutterably tedious piece of nonsense about corrupted rabbits has been indefinitely postponed. Count yourselves lucky.

Since I now don't have remotely enough time to come up with anything halfway decent, I am forced to cannibalize the post I was planning to write tomorrow night, a music post, which was never going to be much more than a thrown-together stopgap anyway. God knows what kind of rags and tatters we're going to end up with now.

The vague plan - and calling it even that is an insult to vaguery - was going to revolve around a few tracks I came across recently by way of my YouTube subscription to Spanish record label Elefant, an estimable source that I've mentioned before and which rarely lets me down. There have been a few releases on Elefant of late that seemed striking even by their consistently high standards so I thought I might ride on their comet tail for a while and hope some of the stardust might rub off. 


Opens with a long spoken-word skit in Spanish, which you might want to skip unless you're fluent. The good stuff start at about 0.50. I played this one on repeat for most of the day I first heard it. Can't play it too loud, either. It has another great use of a swear word in the lyric. I really must do that post sometime.

It's quite conventional by the standards of the next one one, though. I just love this stuff. I realise I might be the only one.


Oh what the hell, let's have something else by GFOTY too. With 100 gecs, why not. They're sitting on a yellow sofa. That's a good enough reason. Let's call it a theme.

stupid horse - 100 gecs [feat. GFOTY and Count Baldor]

Now I want to know who Count Baldor is. 

No! Stop! Have some discipline!

Shall we have something a little more relaxing? Yes, we shall. Sort of.

Club de los 27 - Pipiolas

This one starts out as if it's going to be quite normal but don't let that fool you. It seems to be at least three or four different songs welded together. It seems to be their trademark. (Too many "seems". Ed.) As the record company blurb says about another of their songs "In barely four minutes we have gone from bedroom pop to house, then suddenly to techno-pop, and then another quick change and you’re rubbing elbows with punk-pop." We might as well have that one as well.

Narciso - Pipiolas

I like the first one better but all their stuff is worth hearing, or all of it that I've heard has been, anyway.

If you've made it this far, here's a reward for your patience. 

 No Sé Muy Bien - Lisasinson

The always-reliable, always uplifting Lisasinson with a song that has a hauntingly familiar descending cadence. I think it reminds me of something by papertiger sound and there's no chance on God's earth they ever heard it, so coincidence is a true thing. A judge told Ed Sheeran that, I think.

And since we mentioned her, why not let's end with her? Lisa Simpson and Billy Eilish, together at last. I think the yellow theme is really coming together...

Sadly, I don't have Disney+ so the trailer's as good as it gets. 

It's good enough!

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