Saturday, August 13, 2022

Don't I Know You From Somewhere?


One of the many charming things about Noah's Heart is the way slightly warped versions of famous people keep popping up, sometimes with their names or genders changed, sometimes not.

However they present, they always retain an interest in the thing that made them famous. George Stephenson likes trains.

Johann Bach is a musician. Just in case you didn't know.

Some are a little harder to spot. I never really imagined Charles Babbage looking quite like this.

Others I really can't place at all. Surely not the extremely obscure Canadian singer or South African author

And some don't even get named at all. But we know who they are.

Don't we?


  1. I'm impressed by Kepler. Not a name you see every day.

  2. Shirley Granger looks a bit like some sort of Hermione Granger to me. Maybe the different first name is just to avoid legal tangles with Rowling and her publishers?

    1. Oh yes! That has to be it. The bookish witch could hardly be anyone else. Kicking myself for not spotting it.

  3. I am extremely reminded of Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game with some fascinating ideas about historical figures.
    For example, look up their take on Thomas Edison. I'll wait.

    1. OMG! Thomas Edison has a tiger's head! Also, apparently, a missile launcher in his exceptionally heroic chest. The full list of characters in that game is phenomenal - most of the Round Table is in there along with the Queen of Sheba, Asclepius and Don Quixote. It's a high bar. I hope Noah's Heart can match it.


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