Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back In The Groove

Hasn't it been quiet around here? We had a lovely holiday, thanks for asking. I did consider posting from my Tablet but it never quite happened. Didn't even manage to keep up with my Feedly feed. Or, in fact, look at it at all. Going to consign last week to an alternate history and start again from here.

A quick flip through the MMO news shows a deal of activity. I see that Marvel Heroes is now live. I was in the beta for that one for several months but it had such odd and restrictive hours that I hardly ever managed to log in. I liked what little I had a chance to see. It looks like a fun diversion.

City of Steam is up to Elves and as it's the only MMO that has Elves I'm willing to play, I'll probably be starting one soon. I'm still keeping my powder dry for the coming of the Greenskins really though.

I see from TAGN that Wilhelm and Potshot dipped their toes in the Neverwinter stream with Wilhelm feeling much the same about it as I did. It looks great, it's a lot of fun while you're playing it but once you stop you kind of forget about it altogether. There's a supposedly epochal, game-changing patch dropping soon I hear so maybe it'll be time to take another look once that's landed.

Dragon's Prophet is already in open beta in the EU. I can't work out which version I'm in. I think it's the US one since our SOE accounts are, well, SOE accounts not PSS1s. Keeping an eye on that, since it wins the award as Most Improved MMO In Beta (albeit from a very low base).

GW2 rumbles on sending odd boulders of content tumbling while underneath the gameplay landmass creeps forward at glacial speed. As soon as I finish this I'll be off to see the Karka Queen. I look forward to the vague but interesting-sounding WvW changes at some unspecified date in the future.

While on Holiday Mrs Bhagpuss expressed a desire to get back to designing and building houses. With WildStar still some months off and FFXIV supposedly launching in August sans its extensive housing system, due to form the main part of that game's first major content update, this may mean the soon-to-be F2P Rift's Dimensions or a return to EQ2. I'm about ready to buy the Chains of Eternity expansion and get back to some Ratonga leveling action meself, so that's on the cards for the summer.

And against all odds I'm still playing DinoStorm. Well, I'm logging in daily. I got my bandana just before we went away. Go me!

All in all, as usual, far more on the plate than will fit in the stomach. Or something. Anyway, I have a Karka Queen to kill so I'm off to do that first. We'll see where we go from there.


  1. I've been hearing about this "Wildstar" for a while now. I checked out their website, and their races seem delightful! I'm getting this huge Iron Man meets Protoss vibe from the Mechari though...

    Definitely added to my "to-check-out" list!

    Meanwhile, continuing to stomp Kaineng (And sometimes you guys) in WvW. I believe you mentioned this way earlier, but it's so fascinating how each shards have their own identity. CD used to be elite in WvW and suffered departures, but a committed, disciplined, and most importantly skilled and organized core remains. Almost always outnumbered but never outmatched. And through our resilience, several WvW guilds have transferred to us and our WvW situation looks rosy.

    Whereas on the flipside, you see Kaineng, which used to be the worst WvW server, but rose to elite status due to WvW guilds hopping over on it to prey on weak competition. Once they failed to reach tier 1, their mercenary guilds have once again left and they're toe-to-toe with CD, a 4th tier server.

    Glad I'm in CD, and incredibly proud of its community. Seriously though, strong communities make for a better gameplay experience.


    1. We missed the first week of the new match-up system due to going on holiday but looking at the scores today it would seem to have been a great improvement. There was a time last year when we played CD quite often I seem to remember. Kaineng we have played more than we probably wanted, although nothing like as often as we suffered Dragonbrand, who we seemed to play forever.

      Looking forward to seeing who comes out of the hat tomorrow.


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