Sunday, June 23, 2013

To The Lighthouse : GW2

Just after Christmas last year I reported on the construction being undertaken by the Ships' Council (or was it The Lionguard?) on the new Lion's Arch Lighthouse. At the time I was somewhat concerned about the health and safety risk caused by the slow updating of the Tyrian GPS (Grimoire Positioning Service) which at the time was directing travelers over a sheer cliff, and also about the fate of the brave lighthouse guards who could still be seen milling around inside the broken-off stump.

The sight last night of a majestic, fully-functioning lighthouse over in the alternate dimension of Eorzea made me think perhaps I'd better go check what progress had been made. The good news is that the map no longer directs you to your death and that the stranded lionguards appear to have been rescued, although possibly they just ate all their supplies and then each other before the traumatized survivors climbed down and fled to live feral in the mangrove swamps of nearby Bloodtide Coast. There were Charr in there after all...

Work on the new lighthouse is proceeding, albeit slowly. A couple more storeys have been added but the thing still looks a long way off casting a beam. What with all the refugees pouring in from the Molten Alliance raids and then the preparations for and disastrous disruption of the Dragon Bash festival I suppose the authorities have had their hands full, but even so. We do need that lighthouse!

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I took it upon myself, at great personal risk, to undertake an inspection of the remains of the old tower and I can report that it seems architecturally sound and solid. If building a complete new Lighthouse is proving too difficult or expensive I'm pretty sure the old one could be renovated.

And I'm pleased to say I didn't find any evidence of half-eaten Asura or Sylvari splinters used as toothpicks.

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