Friday, June 21, 2013

When They Say Dead End... GW2

If I have time over the weekend I might go into the whole Dragon Bash episode in full post mortem detail but just in case that doesn't happen I wanted to be sure to mention the unadvertised coda. It's very easy to miss.

Spoilers incoming...

There's no achievement to point you towards this. When you finish the No More Secrets instance there's one of those Winterfest baubles hanging in the air reminding you someone wants to speak to you but both times I saw it it appeared to be hanging over Inspector Kiel's head not over Marjory Delaqua.  When I spoke to Kiel the bauble went away so I'm guessing it really was attached to her.

Whether that's intentional or not, Kiel has nothing new to say, but Marjory does if you're persistent and thick-skinned enough to opportune her anyway.

Well, that sounds like an invitation worth following up, even if you're a walking shrub or a raggedy-eared two-foot tall gremlin. I mean, a drink's a drink after all.

A short hop from Lion's Arch and a stroll through the impossibly picturesque backstreets of Divinity's Reach brings you the Dead End.

Behind the barred gate, in the warm firelight glow, you'll find not only Marjory but also the enigmatic Lady Kasmeer, currently going by her given name of Kasmeer Meade, like that's going to fool anyone. She's turning out to be a heck of a lot more interesting than she appeared back in Southsun, that's for sure.

As we probably already figured, she has some history with Marjory Delaqua and now both of them have some history with you, too.

Marjory herself is waiting across the room. Just kind of standing there. It would be impolite to remind her about that drink, wouldn't it? And anyway it appears you have other things on your mind.


Was it? Apparently it was. I confess I didn't see him at all. I'm pretty darn sure he wasn't there.  You might almost think this was a flashback to a conversation that happened right after the your first visit to the Dead End. Logan was there then alright. But then what Kasmeer said would make no sense, would it? Oh wait, maybe she means back at the Crime Scene. I didn't see him there either! I'm so confused.

And that's your lot. You never even get that drink.

As an homage to 1940s film noir it couldn't be more appropriate. It's brooding, inchoate and mystifying. You get the strong impression that you aren't the only one who's lost track of what's going on.

I really liked it. Don't miss it.


  1. My favorite by far was the first exchange between Delaqua and Kiel. It was so snappy, deadpan, and right on.

  2. The cutscene from the Dead Inn on the 19th may have been bugged for some people. When you speak to Marjory in Lion's arch after the confrontation, you might have received a "diary" page item from her, which is access to that cutscene again. The cutscene is you walking into this Marjory, Logan, and Kashmeer interaction and Logan stalking off (which is a nice meta callout to the horribly overused noire plot device of "the overheard conversation").

    Taking an asura into the Dead Inn instance has an extra degree of absurdism, interacting with characters over a table top that is technically at eye level for our (formerly) subterranean lizard people.

    Wish I'd swung the camera around to get a screenshot of the view Marjory would have had, in my case, a very hard bitten pimp hat floating off the edge of the table, right above a pair of eyes at table level.

    1. I don't know about you, but my asura walked -around- the table to talk to Jory's waist!

      I also have a cameo screenshot of him doing a Hobbit on top of the adjacent table. Got to use that Distinction in Applied Jumping, y'know...

    2. In the screenshot above that's my Asura sitting at the table in the foreground. I fiddled around with the camera for a while trying to get him, Kiel and Delaqua in the same shot but nothing was really very satisfactory. That was the best I could do in a hurry, what with it being past midnight and me having to be in work at 7.30 am.

      The GW2 camera functions could use some of that famous iterative polish, that's for sure.

  3. If you do try swinging the camera around you get weird blocks from the table and people in the room and can never quite the right angle for things...


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